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The Tale of Thaddeus:

I made this game over the course of a year.

Humans are boring, so I made something that was about a world of monsters!

The main character's name is Thaddeus. He's a yeti from the swamps, and he's out for vengeance!

The Rise of Thaddeus:

It's pretty clear that I love Thaddeus at this point.

He's my little swamp yeti!

This game was the second in the series, and it took me about six months of dedicated work day in and day out.

I love Thaddeus so much, I even wrote him a ballad!


I was pretty obsessed with the platformer genre at this point.


I wanted to work off of something that was similar to Super Smash Bros, and used custom development tools I had made from Tale of Thaddeus and the Rise of Thaddeus!

The Decomposers:

I made a game about clowns too. It's on Android!

Find it on Google Play!

The World:

I wanted to explain the world setting in my game, so I made this animation.

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