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Michael Crabbs? Who's that?

Michael makes games. He's been making games for as long as he's been able to type.

These days, he is focusing on the



Check out my demo reel!

All I have ever done is make games.

You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.

Walt Disney


Made with the idea of being easy to engage,

this game is designed around front-facing fun!


Picture boxing meets breakout. Players punch a barrage of incoming obstacles, which subsequently zoom towards various targets. Set the player in the headset, and they’re ready to go! No explanation or boring tutorials necessary!


This game is designed to be an ease of access shoot em up that the player can play seated, relaxed, and front-facing with a VR headset.


Both hands can be used to control the motion of the character, and attack the approaching onslaught of enemies with the keen accuracy one has with the fine motor control of their hands.


This game was made in 72 hours for a game jam.

It makes use of a new technology offered by Deep Motion. The main character is an autonomously walking biped that reacts to the world around it using physics, rather than animation. Hit Wumples with a block, and he will get right up and keep going! Nothing can stop him.


This was a commissioned project, which is meant to draw attention to real world issues about ocean pollution.


The player is dragged into an undersea nightmare, where monsters have evolved to absorb plastics and other pollutants. These monsters need to be stopped, but where is the right place to start? At the surface, or in the Deep Sea?


This commissioned work is a VR simulator, meant to train laboratory employees about the proper procedure for usage of a pipette.


Pipettes are quite expensive pieces of equipment. The idea was that VR training could transpire without actually risking any real world equipment.


This game was designed to mitigate the movement sickness issue, while allowing constant free flight.


It makes use of uniquely chosen shaders that cause nearby moving terrain to gradually fade to a single color. Since motion sickness is caused in large part from discrepancies in peripheral vision, the issue is resolved, in large part.


This game was made with the express intention of getting players from the power button into the game in the shortest possible time. The menu item to start the game is the same visually as the enemies the player attacks, which teaches them how to play and orients them in the game world at the same time! The time is takes to start up Hand Lazers and start playing is less than 30 seconds.


This game is designed to make use of the unique ability to perceive depth with both eyes in VR.


Projectiles the player shoots from their hands can change trajectory slightly, based on follow up motions. Because VR enables players to perceive depth in VR, it is very easy to hit small targets, even at a great distance!

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